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List of the best French speaking online casino bonuses (2022)

Whether in France or in other French-speaking countries, online casinos offer their members a wide variety of bonuses. We have prepared for you, the list of a multitude of online casinos with the types of bonuses they offer to facilitate your task. Find below, the said list:

Online Casino Bonus

The free online casino bonus: a strategic business offer

Most of the players newly registered at online casino sites are entitled to online casino bonuses. This bonus offer, which is activated at the first deposit, improves the deposit by 25% to 400%. This offer allows you to wager more and potentially make more money by increasing your first deposit.

Mastering the Necessary Deposit Bonus: The Most Popular Online Casino Bonus Promotion

It is necessary for the player to know everything that characterizes the deposit bonus that online casinos offer. Here is a summary of all that characterizes this type of bonus.

What characterizes this type of online casino bonus?

Online casinos offer deposit bonuses to their customers to encourage them and thank them for their loyalty. The bonus system is the right way to thank the customer by offering him rewards for his interest in the casino game library. The objective is to allow the player’s account to swell in order to bet more and more for more winnings. On some sites, users are offered a bonus on each of their first three deposits. On other platforms, the bonus only applies to the first deposit and is therefore quite substantial.

List of the many benefits of this online casino bonus

The deposit bonuses that players receive are an unprecedented advantage for them. It is important to note that in some cases, you can negotiate the online casino bonus rates directly with the casino customer service department. This allows you not only to negotiate the terms and conditions of these bonuses, but also to obtain more interesting rates. By making a good negotiation, you have the possibility to see your bankroll with more money, allowing you to make big bets.

It is also worth noting that this bonus will allow you to move up the ladder in the loyalty program and finally allow you to enter the VIP club of the privileged.

In what context is the casino bonus offered to customers by the gaming sites?

In general, the bonus is given to registered users who make their first real money deposit into their account. The management gives the customer a percentage of the amount deposited. For a 100% bonus, the customer will see his starting sum doubled, which will allow him to win more by playing for longer. It is also possible to find an online casino with a no-deposit bonus. In this case, a fixed amount of money is offered to the player by the casino as soon as he registers. This amount can be dedicated to table games or only to slot machines. This type of bonus has the advantage of allowing the player to play without having to make a first deposit.

Remember that the deposit bonus allows the player to benefit from all categories of games available at the online casino (flash, live and mobile versions).

What are the clauses that apply to the best online casino bonuses?

As explained above, the bonus you receive is calculated according to the amount you deposit. The casino is responsible for determining the value of these bonuses in advance and leaves it up to the player to decide whether or not to take up the offer.

In order to protect against abuse by unscrupulous players, casinos impose rules that must be followed in order to qualify for these bonuses. This may include a fixed payment method to be used, a minimum amount to be deposited or a deposit that must be made on a specific day. In addition to these measures, casinos may require other conditions, namely:

The impossibility for the player who received the bonus to benefit from promotions and bonuses of partner casinos.
The player may not exchange the bonus with anyone else.
The player is required to wager a minimum amount that exceeds the bonus amount.
The bonus is added to the account only after the deposit.
All the information about the online casino bonus granted to reward loyalty.

In order to reward the loyalty of their players, casinos have recently started to give cash bonuses, free spins, euro bonuses… These bonuses are sometimes given during special periods like Christmas or when a new game is launched. Others, such as Happy Hour, are only available during a specific time of the day. Before awarding the loyalty bonus, the casino will research the player to ensure that he or she is a regular depositor on the site.

The no deposit casino bonus is often offered through a code available in the top casinos section on our site or on the internet.

The referral bonus is very popular at online casinos

Word of mouth is by far the most powerful form of advertising. To encourage players to advertise, casinos have introduced a referral bonus that offers the referrer a bonus of between €25 and €50 if the referral makes a first deposit after signing up. In some cases, the referrer will receive a bonus proportional to the amount of the deposit made by the referral.

Receive a free online casino bonus for your birthday: a tactful attention

Even if it’s a small one, it’s still nice to see your bankroll swell on your birthday thanks to the generosity and attention of your online casino. In order to receive this tactful attention, you must request it from the casino’s customer service department.