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Lists of different slot machines with respins feature

In the gaming world, respins are great features that add to the excitement of the games. It offers you after a paid spin, the chance to receive a free spin with extra wildcards, multipliers, or additional ways to win.

What are respins in online casinos?

Respins are unique bonus features that can be found at a variety of online slots. They allow you to have many winning combinations in a single spin. Generally speaking, you will have to land a certain amount of bonus symbols, which must remain in place for the duration of the spin. The rest of the reels spin and allow you to make more wins while these symbols are not moving.

In some games such as Reel Rush, the queens offer you the opportunity to unlock more winning opportunities. You start your game with 45 paylines, but as soon as you receive respins, you unlock more ways to win in the order below:

  • 1st respin: 125 ways to win;
  • 2nd respin: 405 different ways to win;
  • 3rd respin: 675 ways to win;
  • 4th respin: 1125 ways to win;
  • 5th respin: 1875 different ways to win.


Are the bonus respins recurring?

It must be said that bonus respins are not very recurrent at online casinos because there are not many games that take advantage of this feature. However, when you come across a game with the respin feature, you are sure to trigger it quite often.

Bonus re-spins instead of free spins

In many cases, you’ll get bonus respins instead of free spins. Rather than seeing this as a negative, as some players do, it would be better to see it as an advantage. It is indeed possible to win this bonus on a frequent basis in games that offer it. Take Starburst, for example, which instead of giving you free spins, gives you a respin every time the wild symbol appears. Since the wild symbol appears quite frequently, your chance of claiming bonuses is much higher than with a game that offers free spins.